Our Brand

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An invitation into delicate Sustainable Elegance
This is what inspires our missions.
We bring Sustainable Designer's goods or WearableArts, with style celebrates 
the uniqueness and personality of your own

Behind the label
What memories bring back to you when every time you wiggled
in a pair of earrings or slipped on a necklace?
Do you had that same flush of emotion? 
The most precious moment or a touching experience?

Our contemporary fashions might replace your diamonds

Let us share these moments through our designs that you can connect with.
Pieces that speak your language and tell your milestones... 

We DO & PROMOTE Sustainable Fashions
The daily goods we are using follow a process of take, make, consume and waste. It stems from a disposable mindset and ultimately results in a lot of unnecessary waste. Hitori Sekiya designs and sources reusable, renewable or eco-friendly products. We also upcycle goods for our lovely packaging. With this afford, every link in the value chain is preserved for as long as possible and WASTE can be transformed into something purposeful while still beautiful.
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 Hitori Sekiya 
by Switch Design Consultants Limited